“I love the moment when people make a choice to step into the plans, purposes and destiny that God created them for.” - Ruth Hendrickson


Donna Cherry

Ruth’s ministry training testimony

Pastor George Clash

Ruth’s prophetic ministry training


Kim Meeder

Prophetic teaching testimony

Pastor Amy Gill-Price

Mashah Ministry - Church and Missions

Cathy Tonking

Impact Testimony

Isabelle Villiere

Impact Testimony and Women’s Ministry

Joan Conlon

General Impact

Chris Albe

General Impact, Mentoring, Mashah


Mashah testimony

Maryanne Heacks

Mashah Ministry Testimony - Difficult Seasons

Michael Goetz

Mashah Testimony - Healing from Panic Attacks

Pastor Nick Agazarian

Impact Testimony

Cliff & Chris Lewis


Dennis Scheerer

General Impact - Sermon


Ministry team training course testimony

Ellen Brown

Prophetic, Mashah, Teaching, Mentoring

Ellen Davila

RHM Mentoring Testimony

Pam Benson


PattiAnn Ridgway

General Impact and Mentoring

Laura Ronaldo

Cultivate Hope