Mashah: Emotional Healing and Deliverance Training (Group Training)

Mashah: Emotional Healing and Deliverance Training (Group Training)

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Mashah Group Training - How does this work?

We understand that Mashah is a considerable investment of time and resources. It is our desire to make this ministry model cost effective for churches and groups. Therefore we developed the Mashah Group option (renewable yearly).

You will need to purchase either the DVD or USB of the training. This provides you with a stand alone copy of over 25 hours of training videos. You can use these as you gather your team for training. You will also need to purchase a Mashah Manual for each team member.

Our prayer is that your ministry will grow and flourish as it develops, which means that you will have new team members coming on board. This is where the Group package is priceless. The group add-on package gives your entire team access to the Equip on-line training platform. Therefore if you have a team member coming on new or someone who misses a training session you can have them to into the on-line platform, watch the video, take the test and get caught up.

Another advantage, with the group package, is that you and your team will have access to additional emotional healing trainings and more as they become available.

Finally, as an added bonus we are also providing access to our Ministry Team Training. In many churches and groups this is a base training that people go through before they receive the Mashah Training.

Oh yes, and in case you missed it we can add your group to a closed Facebook group so you can connect with others around the world who are using Mashah Ministry.

Once you have purchased your package we will be in touch to set up your team as part of Equp which is our on-line learning platform.

If you have any questions you please contact us here

Product Description

Mashah Ministry Training is a belief-based model for inner/emotional healing and deliverance. Mashah Ministry Training is developed for an individual and team to learn how to minister effectively and safe to see others walking in the healing, freedom, and purity of God.

A belief-based model deals with the beliefs formed, rather than the specific event itself. Hence, the belief becomes the driving force, and the conscious (or unconscious) memories becomes secondary. We have seen over and over that as the belief system is healed and the pain is removed from the memories.

As with some of the other Inner/Emotional and Deliverance Ministries, the Biblical mandate for Mashah ministry is Isaiah 61. He has sent us to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim release of captives, and rebuild shattered lives. It is time that the followers of Jesus move forward with the full authority that comes from the Kingdom of Heaven. 

The training consists of 9 recorded sessions, a participants manual, as well as bonus resources such as example prayers, worksheets, and participant homework ideas.