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Christ United Methodist Church - Port Jefferson NY

Greetings in Christ! 

Christ Church (Port Jeff Station) has been intentional in the last many years to train persons in Prayer Ministry and also Healing Ministry. We’re now extending our training to Inner Healing Ministry and want to invite other Churches to join us. 

On Saturday, August 10 we will host Pastor Ruth Hendrickson to lead a seminar/workshop on introducing and training for local churches using her workbook titled, “Masha – Emotional Healing and Deliverance Training.” (See the link below). That evening (8/11) she will lead a meeting open to the public. There will be much more promotion forthcoming, but we want to get the word out early. 

We are also excited to invite you to meet Ruth on Saturday, June 22, 3:30 PMat Christ Church. We will have refreshments, and after a short introduction from Ruth, we’ll have time for questions and visioning what the August 11 seminar training will look like and entail. 

Our hope, prayer and goal is for many churches to have the opportunity for the blessing we have experienced in using some of Ruth’s materials in both prayer and healing ministry. Please view the link to Masha and read what Ruth explains about the philosophy behind this much-needed ministry. 

You are welcome to share this email and invitation to others. We’re asking people to RSVP to the June 22 meeting only so we can prepare adequately. 

Blessings, In Christ, always

Pastors Randy Paige and David Greeley